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Unleash the Power of Video Assessment

Go beyond traditional check the box learning with video assessment & feedback all in one place.

Provide Prompt, Precise, and Actionable Feedback

Valuable Feedback for Improved Learning Outcomes

Bongo boosts coaching effectiveness through the option of AI and human-driven asynchronous feedback.

AI Feedback

With 24/7 access to personalized, objective feedback, learners can practice and refine their skills anytime, anywhere, allowing instructors to focus their time elsewhere.

Time-Stamped Comments

Enables instructors to provide more effective and contextualized feedback to learners for higher engagement, performance improvement, and accelerated skill development.  

Peer Review

Fosters a collaborative learning environment for a more inclusive and diverse range of perspectives leading to a better learning experience for all learners


Streamlines the assessment process by providing a clear set of criteria allowing for a consistent and objective evaluation for all learners.

Customizable Workflows for Real-World Application

Structured video workflows let organizations facilitate repeated skill practice and knowledge application within a real-world context.

Individual Project

Builds communication and critical thinking skills as learners continuously practice, self-assess, and deliver video presentations


Question & Answer

Allows for quick assessment of knowledge as learners are put on the spot to answer questions asynchronously with only a limited time to respond.


Group Project

Provides the environment for learners to collaborate synchronously or asynchronously to complete a group activity.


Interactive Video

Keeps learners engaged as they answer multiple choice questions or submit video responses at different points throughout a video.


Transform Learning with Video Practice + Feedback

Bongo includes all features listed below. 



Evaluation Types

Automated scoring

AI grading

Peer review scoring

Auto pass

Percentage scoring

Customizable rubric

Manual instructor pass/fail


AI-driven Feedback

Tone Analysis

Tips & Feedback

Speaking Rate

Clarity of words

Use of filler words

Words to include/avoid

Weighted scoring

Human Feedback Options

Time-stamped comments

Time-stamped video comments

Peer review (choice to keep anonymous)

Multiple Customizable Workflows

Practice workflow

Group project workflow

Role-play Video

Interactive Video

Group Project

Instructor chosen groups

Learner chosen groups

Automatic group creation

Group participant evaluation

Assignment Automation

Auto-suggested key terms & phrases

Native Video Recorder

Audio only

Camera only

Camera + Screen


"We are certifying people faster and more efficiently"

A year ago, they were taking up to 3 days to get certified. Recently I was told an entire class was certified on the first day. They aren’t making as many errors and I know Bongo is a major reason for that.

Head of Training, Nielsen