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Innovation Through Partnership

Bongo’s primary go-to-market motion is through our partners as an embedded solution within their products and services. Through partnerships, we help deliver faster technology innovation for maximum impact.


Together, We All Succeed

Bongo’s partnership model drives mutually beneficial outcomes for both businesses and added value to all customers.

Capture more revenue

Expand your reach for new opportunities and further monetize your existing client base.

Gain competitive differentiation

Extend your reach and capability with unique and differentiated functionality.

Bring more value to your clients

Delight new and existing clients with a better way to drive scalable and meaningful assessment, skill development and validation, and experiential learning.

Hear from Our Partners

As an embedded solution into the Thought Industries platform, Bongo provides customers with a better way to do sales enablement training. Hear from our customers at Celonis, Enverus, and the internal team at Thought Industries on how they used Bongo for their sales certification programs.

One simple solution to quickly validate skills and practice knowledge in a real-world setting

Through Bongo’s structured video assessments, facilitators can accurately assess and validate skills across their teams. Assessment types include:

  • Individual Project
  • Question & Answer
  • Interactive Video
  • Group Project

Connect with Us

Ready to Work Together?

Connect with our team to learn more about becoming a partner.