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Provide a personal touch from day one and on… with onboarding training that actually sticks.

On the Ramp, Made Easy

Onboarding new team members takes time, but a properly trained and onboarded employee is less likely to churn and more likely to succeed at their job. With Bongo’s automated, video-based training and onboarding solution, you can ensure that nothing gets missed when adding your newest players to the team.

Onboarding Made Simple

From paperwork to initial training, Bongo makes your onboarding efforts easier.

A Common Checkpoint

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your newest team members is important, but can be hard to do with growing teams. WIth Bongo’s innovative automated options, you can easily determine who may need more training, and who is ready to launch.

Reduce the Stack

Having an overwhelming tech stack for onboarding, training, coaching, assessment and feedback not only takes time—it’s a huge drain on finances as well. Simplify your stack with Bongo’s all-in-one platform that makes it easy.

Super Scalability

Managing large employee teams can be complex, and being able to train and assess at scale is crucial to getting the right people in the right place. 

Easy Implementation

Not only is Bongo more cost-effective than competing products, but easy implementation ensures that you can roll out a new process and manage it at a fraction of the cost. 

Don’t Let Onboarding Get in the Way of a Great Hire.

Between one-on-one training, the never-ending checklist, and a lot of resources, onboarding a new hire can quickly go from excitement to burdensome. With Bongo’s automated assessment, training and coaching platforms, you can make the onboarding process work for you and your employees.  

Scale and streamline onboarding efforts

Ensure a workplace fit with evaluation of culture and capabilities

Gain insight on competency and proficiency of to match your requirements

Transition easily—from hiring, to onboarding, to training

Build a team based on career fit and knowledge, not simply interview skills

Provide new hires with worthwhile training without the burden of additional time.


"Our entire process was cut in half”

“Bongo provided the technology we needed to onboard and certify our reseller partners. After replacing our legacy systems with Bongo, our entire process was cut in half and hosted in the same place, which was huge for us.”