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The fastest, easiest way to validate student learning.

The Ultra-Flexible Solution for Higher Learning

Whether your organization is fully bought into blended learning, or needs a software tool to supplement live classes and lectures, Bongo’s automated, fully-customizable assessment workflows are the key to knowledge transfer and improved engagement.

The Learning Evaluation Tool of the Future

Long gone are the days of paper exams or quizzes—today’s classroom needs to be flexible, adaptable, and scalable to large groups of students. Bongo can help.

Identify Knowledge Gaps Quickly

Being able to validate comprehension in each student is essential—but so is identifying what they don’t know. Bongo’s video-based assessment platform helps identify where (and which) students need help so you can keep moving forward.

Reduce Instructor Time on Task

Teachers today have enough things to work on—grading tests shouldn’t be one of them. With Bongo’s Auto Analysis™ feature, instructors can automate feedback for students—and take time for other things.

Customized Learning for All Topics

With Bongo’s four video assessment options and many ways to customize, you can be sure that the platform is functional and beneficial—no matter what class or topic.

Easy Roll Out for Large Audiences

Whether you’re considering Bongo for a few hundred students or thousands, Bongo’s easy-to-implement platform means your instructors can get it up and running—and reap the rewards—quickly.

A Teacher's Best Friend

The Teacher’s Key to Amplified Learning 

Provide a more personal touch with more students in less time.