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Sales Coaching & Training

From initial hire to new revenue, we help ramp team productivity and equip teams with the right skills.

Save Time and Increase your Bandwidth

What if you could provide coaching and feedback to your reps without spending hours listening to customer calls or watching individual sales pitch videos? With Bongo, you can split your time in half by using our automated and individual feedback options that allow you to scale.

Coaching a Winning Team Just Got Easier

Learning that Lasts

Because Bongo technology implements innovative methods of learning with video-based assessment, you can provide targeted training and real-time feedback at scale.

Speedy Ramp Time

With quota demands always lingering, ensure a seamless onboarding experience, and gain visibility into preparedness and effectiveness across your entire team.

A Simple Addition

With effortless implementation across teams of all sizes and existing learning platforms, getting started with Bongo is easy.

Price Point Perfection

The addition of technology is often too expensive and complicated. Because Bongo can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of other platforms, you don’t have to worry about cost as your team grows. 

“How a buyer experiences the human seller is what differentiates top sellers from the others. Bongo provides a uniquely effective practice tool for sales teams to master the human sales skills that truly impact decision cycles. win rates."

Andy Paul, Creator, Podcaster, Author  “Sell Without Selling Out” 

A Sales Readiness Tool That Sticks

When it comes to growing sales teams, ramp time and knowledge retention is critical. Bongo provides faster skill development and training with scalable, automated feedback to reinforce winning behavior.

Training That’s Not Just Easy. It’s Also Effective.

Use a sales readiness tool that you need – unbundled.

Craft an all-in-one sales enablement solution

Avoid paying for features you don’t need and won’t use

Offer a safe space for teams to practice and improve

Make sales training faster and more effective

Provide customized feedback and real-time response

Scale your feedback loop with more impactful advice to your team.

How much revenue could you be losing?

Use this FREE calculator to estimate how much potential revenue you might be losing if you are not properly training your sales team.