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Sales & Partner Enablement

The sales readiness tool for building successful sales teams.

Plug & Play , and Go!

Equipping sales teams with the right skills to drive growth can be difficult. While providing training and coaching to meet these demands can feel near impossible. Let Bongo take care of ensuring your sales team is prepared – from training that sticks to scaling up, we give you the tools to build a strong team and ramp up revenue. 

The Essential Sales Tool to Reinforce Winning Behavior

Bongo has a number of features to equip teams and build revenue.

Scalable training that sticks

Assess and validate skills quickly and provide real-time, unbiased feedback so they can get better and stay accountable.

Safe practice

Provide a safe space for practice so customer interactions improve and winning behaviors are reinforced.

Manage at scale

With automated, video-based training, Bongo provides actionable insights for sales teams and managers alike for training that sticks. 

Unbundled and affordable

At a fraction of the cost of other sales readiness platforms, Bongo is an easy choice for teams who want to ramp team productivity into their existing technology stack. 

The Flexible Alternative for Optimum Sales Readiness

Need a sales tool that only delivers what you need?  Bongo is the unbundled option that helps you prepare and accurately assess your sales teams for maximum impact. 

Compliment your tech stack with a powerful sales training tool

Provide impact and value with straightforward video assessment

Prove ROI with every interaction

Reduce turnover and churn with a tool that actually works for sales teams

Choose the affordable option that works

Reinforce the right skills for maximum success.