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Why Choose Bongo?

Our AI coaching and video tool delivers a more impactful learning experience to support the skill lifecycle – from development to validation. 


It's Time to Change the Trajectory of Assessment


Throughout history, learning science has taught us the various methods of how people learn. Whether a learner is visual, auditory, or kinesthetic, scholars will tell you how someone learns a new concept or skill, but how many are talking about the different methods of evaluation?

You can remember traditional methods of evaluation dating all the way back to grade school when students were evaluated mostly by essay or multiple choice. The problem though is that as people evolve into working adults, the demand for people to upskill or reskill is higher, and traditional means of assessment can no longer share if these new skills have been acquired. 



Our technology creates a better learning experience for skill and knowledge transfer by providing the learner a space for practice, demonstration, and feedback. We believe skill development is done through real-world experiential exercises. Through video, learners can demonstrate what they know on camera and then receive a combination of feedback from managers in order to develop the right skills for the job.

Scalable Coaching

#1 Best in class AI-coaching

Provide learners with real-time, AI feedback so they can accurately demonstrate their competency on a subject through key word recognition without any human intervention.

#2 Learners learn from each other

Research shows that people learn more by providing feedback to others. Through our peer review feedback option, learners can submit time-stamped feedback on a colleague’s video. This feedback option not only establishes a sense of community for the learners, but gives the facilitator more bandwidth and scalability.

#3 Different experiential learning options available

Based on the desired outcome, trainers are provided with different video workflows to facilitate knowledge transfer. Each workflow is designed to allow the learner to apply their knowledge as it pertains to a real-world scenario.

#4 We’ve got every use case covered

Each organization has a different goal for training their employees. We also know that the training needs of your organization will change over time. Bongo helps you create the most effective assessment so your employees are equipped with the right skills. From sales enablement to certifications to leadership training (and many more).

#5 We streamline the automation so assessment is accurate

Create rubrics, which are guidelines available to not only better inform the learner of the expected outcome, but also to create an equal and fair grading benchmark so all learners are assessed the same.

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