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Real Time Feedback. Real Time Results.

Build and scale a personalized learning experience with  feedback capabilities that save you time and enhance your learners’ performance. 

Scale & Amplify Learning Impact

Reclaim your time and optimize program success with AI Coach. Give your learners 24/7 access to personalized, objective feedback to practice and refine their skills anytime, anywhere.

Providing a judgment-free practice space

With AI Coach, learners benefit from a safe space to practice. No more worrying about trainers or managers making judgments on their mistakes. Learners can now confidently engage in repeated practice and get the immediate feedback they need to improve, all on their own time.

Auto Analysis Report with Bongo - Upgrade your LMS

Allocate all of your time to expert-level feedback

Let AI handle common feedback suggestions such as clarity, use of filler words, key terms, and more so you can focus on the level of subject-matter expertise only you can provide.

Providing the catalyst for success

Enable your learners to harness the power of feedback and guidance during practice, ultimately empowering them to showcase a standout performance.

Keep your secret sauce a secret

Rest assured; your data is secure with us. Unlike other GPT models, we don’t train the AI. Any proprietary information shared during your presentation remains confidential, ensuring the utmost privacy and protection of your valuable insights.

Prompt engineering done for you

Take comfort knowing our team has done complex prompt engineering, so you can feel confident that Bongo’s AI Coach will give relevant and on-point feedback.

Boost efficiency for ultimate scalability

Easily provide consistent and scalable feedback to an unlimited number of learners. With AI-powered feedback, instructors can reach and support a larger audience, ensuring consistent learning experiences and accelerated skill development.

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Develop your learners for peak performance through AI and human evaluation.