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Customer Service

Your frontline service and call center members should be among the most knowledgeable in your company.

Build a Confident Front Line, for Increased Customer Loyalty

Your customer service staff is the face of your company to your customers, so they should always be well-informed and knowledgeable. With Bongo, you can equip them to handle any type of conversation, so they are prepared – and customers remain happy and loyal. 

The Customer Service Tool You Can’t Live Without

Ensuring that your representatives are prepared for any conversation can be challenging. Train with Bongo.

Ensure Message Consistency

Don’t let the communication of a feature update or policy change be a problem for your company, ensure that your entire customer service team has—and uses—the same up-to-date knowledge, provided by you.

Make Learning Cultural

Information can change quickly, and keeping your front line in the loop is critical to your business. Establish a culture of learning specific skills such as empathy and active listening using Bongo tools for improved brand loyalty and customer retention.

Build a Successful Frontline

An informed customer service team is an effective one, so capitalize on their potential and performance to increase your bottom line with Bongo’s solutions for customer service. 

Provide Personal Coaching

As training is needed, you want to be able to effectively and efficiently coach your employees for maximum impact. Bongo’s readiness platform allows for scaling the feedback loop so you are reaching the ones who need your help at the right time. 

Turn Your Camera Off

The option for reps to record themselves using audio only is available, easing the anxiety for many. 


A Frontline's Best Friend

Keep your customer-facing teams informed and up-to-date, no matter what else is going on.

Reinforce the winning behavior of your top producers

Scale easily with a cost-effective solution built for any size team

Identify knowledge gaps and re-train effectively and efficiently

Incorporate new product lines quickly as they are available

Verify preparedness for any type of conversation

When policies or changes happen quickly, verify your employees are prepared with the right information.