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Equip Your Team with the Right Skills

Bongo’s AI & video assessment technology creates a better learning experience for skill and knowledge transfer, all at scale.

4 Workflows

Choose from structured video assessments: Individual Project, Question & Answer, Group Project, or Interactive Video

Deliver & Measure the Effectiveness of your Training Programs

Video assignments combined with our AI feedback options drive skill development for learners through a combination of practice, demonstration, and feedback. 

Upskill Faster - and Continuously

Learners are taken through one of four video assessment options. Once a learner completes a video assignment, their recording is automatically submitted for feedback using our AI feedback report called Auto Analysis. This combined with other feedback options not only reinforces winning behaviors, but allows for maximum scalability within your training programs.

Auto Analysis Report with Bongo - Upgrade your LMS

Different Ways to Assess your Learners

Bongo’s structured video workflows let organizations facilitate repeated skill practice and knowledge application within a real-world context.

Individual Project

Learners build communication and critical thinking skills as they continuously practice, self-assess, and deliver video presentations.

Question & Answer

Learners are put on the spot to answer questions asynchronously with only a limited time to respond.

Group Project

Learners collaborate synchronously or asynchronously to complete a group activity.

Interactive Video

Learners answer multiple choice questions or submit video responses at different points throughout a video.

Feedback & Evaluation

Real-time, unbiased feedback through Auto Analysis

Learners can practice and record their video and automatically receive real-time feedback even prior to submission.

Personalized feedback through managers and peers

Supplementing the AI, managers and peers can add their own personalized feedback by making time-stamped text and video comments on the delivery submitted.

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