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Boost Collaboration and Retention with Your Learners

Unlock new levels of engagement, motivation and skill development with group project.

Empower your learners to achieve their highest potential through group learning

Group assignments offer a game-changing opportunity to enable learners to collaborate flexibly and productively on projects, scenario-based case studies, and role plays – all without the constraints of time zones or working hours.

How it Works

Learners are placed into collaborative groups and can work on their deliverables asynchronously or in a live meeting environment. Groups can set different milestones, deadlines, and meeting times in order to accomplish the assignment, and access on another’s video submissions all in one place.

Bring Diversity to Learning through Team Work

Group Project allows for both asynchronous and synchronous collaboration on projects. This group environment creates an enhanced learning experience for learners who are more likely to retain and enhance their understanding of the subject matter.

Here's what Group Projects can do for you:

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