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Video-Driven Skill Development

Elevate your credentialing by using learner-created video submissions as tangible proof of skill mastery.

Efficiency Meets Authenticity

Bongo’s unique threefold assessment approach is at the core of its effectiveness ensuring every credential is backed by genuine video evidence.

Automated Learning Objectives

Bongo sets clear expectations from the outset by extracting key insights from your provided materials ensuring alignment with your program’s objectives.

Content-Smart AI Coach

Our AI Coach provides immediate, detailed and personalized insights on learner’s content accuracy and presentation aligned with the programs’ learning objectives, boosting knowledge comprehension, retention and real-world readiness.

Smart Scoring

Accelerate the grading process with Bongo’s automated intelligent scoring, ensuring fairness and consistency for every learner. Human touchpoints are integrated at every point, allowing for manual adjustments and ensuring a well-rounded evaluation for every learner.


Setting Learning Objectives

Bongo identifies core learning objectives from the inputted course materials, setting clear learner expectations. This paves the way for tailored feedback, tips, and automated scoring, ensuring accurate and consistent evaluation of learner assessment.

Content-Smart AI Coaching

Before finalizing their submissions, learners receive immediate and detailed feedback on their video assignments. This feedback is aligned with the set learning objectives covering both the accuracy of the content and the effectiveness of the presentation, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Smart Scoring

Our scoring system can automatically evaluate learners’ video submission based on the predefined learning objectives, freeing instructors from manual grading.

Human Touchpoints

Throughout this process, human expertise and intervention is possible, allowing for a balanced, nuanced educational experience that complements the automated features.

Data Privacy & Security

We prioritize user privacy and data security. Our technology ensures that all confidential information remains secure and private, without using user data to train its AI model, adding an extra layer of trust and compliance for organizations.

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