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The AI Advantage You’re Overlooking: Beyond Content Creation and Quizzes

Pop quiz: How’s your institution using generative artificial intelligence (AI)? 

A – Creating course content 

B – Generating quiz questions

C – Providing real-time feedback and coaching 

D – Powering authentic assessments

E – All of the above

If you didn’t answer ‘E – All of the above,’ you might be missing out on the full potential of AI in education.

More and more folks are getting comfortable using AI to whip up course outlines, create and polish engaging content, and develop quizzes. It simplifies the tedious development process and gets the task done in record time without sacrificing quality. A no-brainer for today’s instructors and instructional designers!

But here’s what’s often missed: AI offers more advantages than just the usual content crafting and question generation. When you tap into ‘C’ and ‘D’ – AI-powered coaching and assessments – this transformative technology doesn’t just contribute to course-building; it actively enhances your teaching experience.

Supercharge Your Teaching with AI Coaching and Assessments

So, how can you use generative AI to amp up your teaching? When you draw upon its coaching and assessment capabilities, AI helps you support and prepare students better and faster. This isn’t about a typical virtual classroom setup – it’s more of a partnership between instructors and AI-powered tools like video assignments and assessments. 

What is AI Coaching?

A process where AI analyzes student-recorded videos. After each practice attempt, students receive real-time AI Coach feedback on delivery, tone, and content. This iterative process of practice + immediate feedback enables students to refine and improve their skills in a safe, judgment free environment.
What are AI video assessments?

A process where instructors use AI-powered tools to assess students’ video presentations. AI algorithms analyze the videos based on course criteria and generate automated insights and data-driven reports. This approach supports instructors in validating comprehension and identifying which students need help and what areas.

The Power of Video-Based Coaching and Assessment

Video-based coaching and assessment tools are a dynamic duo. They combine the analytical power of AI with the engaging visual and auditory elements of videos to create a personalized, dynamic learning experience. 

See this video for how it works.

This powerful combo of AI and video tools enhances the learning and skill development process plus enables instructors to take a more personal approach with more students in less time. Let’s take a look at how:

Improved Engagement – Video assignments aren’t mundane tasks; they’re engaging, interactive experiences that encourage students to demonstrate their understanding creatively and create a sense of ownership in their learning. AI-powered feedback on these videos goes beyond regular assessments by offering timely and personalized insights in direct response to a student’s performance. This guidance transforms learning from a passive experience into an interactive process, giving engagement and motivation a hefty boost and promoting continuous growth.

Authentic Assessment – We all know traditional assessments don’t always reflect real-world knowledge application. But did you know video assessments can provide tangible proof of skill mastery? They enable students to show off what they’ve learned and how they can apply that knowledge in a more authentic manner than a multiple-choice quiz or paper exam. This method leads to deeper learning experiences where comprehension is reinforced and skills are refined through continuous practice. There’s an added bonus for institutions too: authentic assessments act as credibility aids, showcasing the effectiveness of your educational programs!

Career Readiness – It’s time to shift the focus from memorization-focused exams to practical application. Creating video assignments pushes students to go beyond theoretical knowledge to articulate and apply their learning in real-world scenarios. This pivot deepens their understanding of course material and equips them with practical skills and effective problem-solving abilities. As a result, learners grasp the subject matter more fully and emerge well-prepared to apply their knowledge in future careers.

Long-term Retention – Memorized information often fades quickly after exams – it’s just the way our brains are wired. Yet, video assignments provide a powerful antidote by using active learning to help information stick. The act of creating videos not only enhances learners’ understanding but also significantly contributes to their sustained knowledge retention. Immediate feedback on these videos serves as a reinforcing mechanism, solidifying knowledge and quickly addressing any misconceptions or errors. This proactive approach ensures students clearly understand the right concepts and anchor them firmly.

Time-Saving Scalability Auto-graded video assignments significantly reduce the time and effort instructors spend on grading, allowing them to allocate more time to other essential tasks such as personalized feedback, student engagement, or instructional planning. The more time educators have to spend crafting meaningful learning experiences and providing guidance in their areas of expertise, the higher the quality of the learning experience. Plus, Smart Scoring enables the assessment of a large number of assignments efficiently, making it practical for courses with a high volume of students.

“Bongo has transformed how we conduct international student teaching interviews, shifting from synchronous to asynchronous methods. It’s a tool we truly want to keep because we’re saving so much money.” 

Craig Engstrom, Director, Center for Education Excellence, Southern Illinois University

Consistency and Insight – Automated assessments ensure each student’s work is evaluated using the same criteria and standards, eliminating any variations in assessment that may occur with manual grading. Additionally, it aids in reducing unintentional biases often associated with manual grading, ensuring a fair and objective evaluation process. Instructors can then check the auto assessments and provide a final decision, as well as comments and additional coaching. They also receive detailed analytics that pinpoint areas where learners may need extra support or guidance that can enhance coaching strategies and enable a more personalized and effective learning experience.

Transforming Education with Bongo Learn

Bongo’s video-based assessment platform redefines the boundaries of artificial intelligence in education with generative AI-powered tools for coaching and assessment. 

  • AI Coach delivers around-the-clock feedback and coaching tips for students’ video assignments. As learners record their videos, they receive instant, tailored AI coaching on factors like tone of voice, speaking rate, content delivery, and more. The immediate feedback motivates students to practice, refine, re-record, and perfect their skills in real time. 
  • Smart Scoring automatically evaluates learners’ final video submissions against each learning objective to ensure consistent and unbiased evaluations. This approach showcases proof of mastery and frees instructors from the time-consuming manual grading process.

SUCCESS STORY: Bongo Boosts Learner Retention, Comprehension, and Engagement

Dr. Lynda Randall, Ph.D., a professor at California State University, Fullerton, adopted Bongo to enhance student engagement, foster deeper interaction with course materials, and introduce video-based assessments. With Bongo, students receive peer to peer and instructor feedback in addition to immediate AI Feedback on their delivery (rate of speech, clarity and filler words) and accurate demonstration of course content.

A formal research study revealed the use of Bongo’s video assignments and AI Coach feature: 

Increased knowledge retention – Learners had better recall of new concepts and became better academic readers.
Enabled deeper processing of information – Learners had a clearer understanding of key concepts and terminology and mastered more complex subject matter.
Improved engagement – Learners were more engaged and had a desire to improve their overall presentation skills.

“I think it’s easy for students to say they read and just skip to quizzes and try to guess their way to answers. But having created a Bongo presentation allowed me to actually read and analyze a text so I can better understand it because I want to make sure when I do the presentation that the people on the other side understand what I’m trying to convey as well. It was a really great process for me.” – CSU student 

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A Blended Approach

While AI is undoubtedly transformative, nothing replaces the human touch. Bongo offers a perfect blend of AI-powered, automated feedback and the personalized engagement of human interaction. Video assignments submitted by students can undergo Smart Scoring for consistent and unbiased evaluation, or instructors can opt for personal reviews, offering unique insights through grades and feedback.

  • Automated feedback ensures immediate insights and objective analysis, fostering rapid skill enhancement.
  • Human interaction brings essential elements such as empathy, mentorship, and the ability to address nuanced queries. 

This integrated approach shapes a learning experience that’s both efficient and compassionate – a powerful collaboration propelling learners toward success.

A Blended Approach to Experiential Learning 

Dr. Noorin Manji, an Instructor for Arts First, Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business, and Sessional Instructor for Sociology and Legal Studies at the University of Waterloo, augments her teaching with blended learning capabilities, devoting the hours she saves with AI video solutions to other activities, such as one-on-one student support.

Dr. Manji sets Bongo video assignments as small engagement points each week for all her first-, second-, third-, and fourth-year students. Presenting to a group in person can be intimidating, especially for first-years – so the one-on-one video option provides students with a safe space to practice. The automated targeted feedback received after a video is recorded also supplies them with areas they could improve to promote further self-directed growth. Additionally, the option to record presentations provides more flexibility for learners who are fitting in their studies around co-op positions, full-time jobs, and other diverse commitments that help to set Waterloo students apart.

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Prioritizing Privacy

Privacy and keeping your data safe is a top priority at Bongo. With AI Coach, your personal info stays private – actual videos and data aren’t shared and transcripts aren’t used to train the AI models. It’s all about keeping things secure and respecting your privacy.

Elevating Excellence through Innovation

When you use AI-powered video coaching and assessment tools, it shows a dedication to technological advancement that ups your institution’s standing and appeal. The resulting actionable data and accreditation proof stand as a testament to the quality of your program as well as your institutional credibility. 

Furthermore, when seamlessly integrated with analytics tools, these resources become a strong strategic asset, offering valuable insights into student performance, learning patterns, and areas that could use extra support. This solidifies your institution’s dedication to comprehensive education and amplifies its effectiveness.

Realizing AI’s Full Potential

It’s time to go beyond the conventional realms of course outlines, content creation, and quizzes. AI-powered coaching and assessments are the teaching companions of the future, reshaping the learning landscape for educators and students alike. By implementing these tools, you can establish an educational environment that’s flexible, adaptable, and scalable to large groups of students. 

Ready to unlock the full potential of AI in education? Bongo is a comprehensive and user-friendly AI-powered video coaching and assessment platform designed to engage students, streamline instructor administrative tasks, and enhance learning retention. 

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