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Why Practice Plus Feedback Makes Perfect

It’s generally believed that to become better at something one must do it often. Just learning about it isn’t enough. That is why we repeatedly practice a behavior to learn and eventually master a skill. And while practice is crucial, it alone isn’t enough. Feedback is also needed to reinforce learning, address gaps, and motivate improvement. In fact, without feedback, learners can develop bad habits from practicing something incorrectly.

Therefore, practice – plus feedback – makes perfect.

Feedback helps learners go beyond practicing what they already know to practice something they can’t do well. This is known as deliberate practice, and it’s as important in business as in sports, the arts, or any other discipline. From employee development to customer education, providing feedback to help learners understand past behavior, and coaching to improve future outcomes, are essential for growth and success.

Feedback and coaching give learners key insights into their progress. They help one:

  • recognize achievements
  • understand shortcomings
  • learn from mistakes
  • set goals
  • and improve performance

The Sooner, the Better

So when it comes to learning and skill development, practice is good. Practice plus feedback is great. And instructors can further level up the process with immediate, or real-time, feedback.

Immediate feedback happens in the learning flow and provides information instantly and contextually in response to a learner’s action. It can affirm positive behaviors or fortify knowledge by correcting a mistake. Plus, it increases a learner’s engagement in the learning process by making it an active versus a passive experience. 

When learners receive immediate feedback, they can act on it in the moment. They can change their behavior while it is timely and relevant, allowing for better knowledge retention. With real-time assessment and guidance, learners take ownership of their development, which leads to enhanced performance.

Make it Personal

We’ve all likely been counseled at one time or another not to take feedback personally. However, when it comes to learning and skill development, feedback can – and should – be personal. 

Every learner is unique. No two individuals have the same skill set, challenges, or needs. When organizations understand and address these differences, they can build the most impactful and effective learning experiences by providing highly-personalized feedback and coaching. 

However, to do so across larger teams and groups in a scalable, systematic, and efficient way has been a long-standing challenge. Until now…

Meet Bongo’s NEW AI Coach

We’re excited to introduce AI Coacha new AI-powered practice and feedback assistant developed to offer around-the-clock feedback and coaching tailored to each unique learner. Designed to meet the specific needs of corporate L&D and customer education teams, AI Coach helps learners refine and elevate their skills anytime and anywhere. 

AI Coach harnesses the trending and transformative force driving innovation across nearly all industries right now – artificial intelligence (AI). It leverages AI technologies to help leaders dynamically adapt their L&D programs to individual learners’ progress and performance. AI Coach provides customized feedback and guidance for learners’ video submissions specific to each learner’s unique needs and pace.

Engage Learners, Empower Instructors

We know real-time feedback can boost learner engagement. And we know engaged learners are more likely to effectively acquire, retain, and apply new knowledge and skills, leading to enhanced performance. AI Coach offers organizations a solution for providing this game-changing, immediate feedback to optimize the learning experience at scale. 

AI Coach allows learners to meaningfully engage with the learning process through a personalized approach that offers actionable feedback on common areas of improvement. Learners get immediate, specific, and relevant feedback at their own pace, with 24/7 support. Through deliberate practice and objective feedback, they can change behaviors and make improvements – all in a comfortable, non-judgmental learning environment.

For instructors, AI Coach solves the challenges of scalability and efficiency by delivering consistent and targeted AI-powered feedback to a larger audience. This allows trainers to ensure uniform learning experiences while accelerating each learner’s skill development. Carefully-crafted AI prompts are integrated into the assignment so instructors can forgo providing continuous supervision during the practice process.

Scale & Amplify Learning Impact

AI Coach allows learners to practice asynchronously, guided by AI, and improve their skills before applying them to real tasks and scenarios. Users receive feedback and suggestions on presentation variables like clarity, tone, pace, use of filler words, and integration of keywords, as well as specific insights and advice to help optimize their performance. The new feature allows learners to:

  • adopt and enhance standard skills and knowledge gained in training
  • meet individual goals for improvement 
  • overcome obstacles to growth or success
  • boost competence and confidence

Furthermore, with AI Coach delivering common feedback suggestions, instructors save time and can focus specifically on their subject-matter expertise, making the learning process more efficient and more effective.   

AI Coach Key Features

Scalability and efficiency: AI Coach provides consistent and scalable feedback to an unlimited number of learners. 

Data security: Proprietary information shared during presentations remains confidential, ensuring the privacy and protection of valuable insights. Unlike other GPT models, we don’t train the AI.

Custom prompts: Complex prompt engineering allows AI Coach to provide learners with relevant and on-point feedback.

Non-judgmental learning environment: With AI Coach, learners benefit from a safe space for repetitive practice without being judged or evaluated by a human.

Validated proof of performance: Increase education program validity with video and AI-powered feedback that ensures learners’ absorption and retention of knowledge.

By combining practice and the power of AI to provide immediate feedback, AI Coach helps organizations unlock learners’ full potential and drive remarkable growth and success.

Are you ready to harness the power of practice plus feedback to perfect your learning and development process? 

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