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Hiring & Recruiting

The ultimate solution for identifying talent—before they walk in your doors.

Save Time in the Hiring Process with Bongo

What if you could evaluate each candidate for a position prior to spending hours in interviews? With Bongo’s asynchronous readiness platform, you can evaluate a candidate’s proficiency during the hiring process.

The Candidate Evaluation Tool You Need

Don’t spend hours in interviews, just to find that the candidate isn’t qualified. Find the best candidates with early evaluation.

Find a perfect fit

Take a deep dive into a candidate’s skill set to see if they are a great fit for the position—without spending hours of your time qualifying them. 

Increase Hiring Opportunities—Not Costs

Because Bongo is a cost-effective alternative to other evaluation platforms, you don’t have to worry about the fees or burden of including it within your recruiting or hiring process. At dollars per user, it’s worth it to ensure a good talent fit. 

Transition Easily, from Hire to Onboard

Because Bongo has multiple uses related to human resources, it’s easy to shift from qualifying a good hire in the recruitment phase to interviewing them for the position – using Bongo’s video-based workflows.

Qualify candidates quickly

With Bongo doing the heavy lifting on the front end, you can ensure that candidates that end up in the interview process are qualified—with as much proficiency as you deem is important for the role to having already proven their proficiency for the role.

Give HR a Break

Hire the best talent for each position, with no additional work on your part.

Qualify candidates’ level of knowledge about your product or industry

Ensure a workplace fit with evaluation of culture and capabilities

Gain insight on competency and proficiency to match your requirements

Transition easily—from hiring, to onboarding, to training

Build a team based on career fit and knowledge, not simply interview skills

Scale your talent acquisition process with better candidates.

“Bongo allows me to see that every person is participating so I can see where some are struggling and need additional help.”

Head of Training, Nielsen

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