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Coach Learners into Champions

With Individual Project, learners have a space to practice and refine their skills. They will receive both AI-driven and personalized coaching to drive refinement for peak performance.  

Guide Learners to Ensure Readiness

Bongo’s individual project is the bread and butter of Bongo’s solution. It’s designed for learners to self-assess and practice new skills in order to translate into real performance that will impact your business. 

Auto Analysis Report with Bongo - Upgrade your LMS

How it Works

Instructors create assignments for learner demonstration using both AI and human coaching options for continuous practice and self-driven improvement. 

Once a learner records or uploads a video, they will receive real-time, unbiased feedback through Bongo’s AI Coach on how they can improve. Additional layers of personalized feedback are available such as peer to peer and facilitator time-stamped comments. 

Enable Skill Building and Self Improvement

Individual Project provides instructors with a space for demonstration and skill development using both AI and personalized feedback options. 

Here's what Individual Project can do for you:

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