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Improve Readiness with Role-Play

Develop and train learners with real-life simulated scenarios so they are ready for any situation.   

The best practice for any role

Bongo’s Question & Answer allows for replication of a real-world scenario with time parameters set preparing learners to provide an accurate response under pressure.


How it Works

Instructors create relevant role-play scenarios to simulate real-world examples for learner readiness. 

A video is presented with video or text prompts and the learner is given a set amount of time to respond. Once they’ve completed all questions, their videos are automatically analyzed with AI-based insights on how they did. Peer or facilitator-driven feedback can also be included as part of assignment creation.

Analyze Readiness and Training Gaps

Question & Answer lets you see knowledge in action by forcing the learner to respond to relevant scenarios on the spot. This assessment creates the opportunity for highly impactful feedback from peers and managers to reinforce training that sticks.

Here's what Question & Answer Assessments can do for you:

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