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Whether your certifications are role-based or product-based, Bongo ensures your employees, partners, or customers can prove qualification. 

Ensure Readiness; Ensure Success

Knowledge and skill verification is crucial. Effective certifications drive engagement, brand awareness and loyalty, and business performance. 


"We are certifying people faster and more efficiently"

A year ago, they were taking up to 3 days to get certified. Recently I was told an entire class was certified on the first day. They aren’t making as many errors and I know Bongo is a major reason for that.

Head of Training, Nielsen

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Verifying that your employees, partners, and customers can demonstrate skills and articulate knowledge is hard. Bongo makes it easy.  

Customizable Assessment

No matter your project, business phase or team size, Bongo’s customizable assessment options mean that you can create a certification process that works for you.

Super Scalability

Bolster your certification programs with AI driven auto completions based on key terms and phrases crucial to knowledge mastery. Streamline feedback from subject matter experts for maximum efficiency and time savings. 

Evidence of Micro-Skills

Video assignments allow learners to demonstrate competency and prove the skillset necessary to do their job. 

Cost-Effective Certifications

With Bongo’s fractional cost (when compared with other platforms) you don’t have to pick and choose who gets the information. Economical pricing means that all your staff—and partners—can hop on and get certified knowledge.


The Validation Tool that Helps Knowledge Stick

Get a certification and readiness tool that you need – unbundled. 

Ensure your employees, partners, and customers are ready to make an impact.