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Whatever your product, we can help you ensure that your employee teams and channel partners know it—inside and out. 

Ensure Readiness; Ensure Success

Knowing that your teams know your product well is crucial—it can prevent misinformation and misunderstanding to your customers in the long run. Bongo provides certification training options to help you train and certify anyone according to your standards and set them up for success.  


"We are certifying people faster and more efficiently"

A year ago, they were taking up to 3 days to get certified. Recently I was told an entire class was certified on the first day. They aren’t making as many errors and I know Bongo is a major reason for that.

Head of Training, Nielsen

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Verifying that your representatives know your product comprehensively can be hard. Get Bongo instead. 

Customizable Assessment

No matter your project, business phase or team size, Bongo’s customizable assessment options mean that you can create a certification process that works for you.

Super Scalability

Get your employees started off right – no matter how many you have. Bongo’s solution allows for scalable training certification programs that allow you to train more team members in a shorter length of time.

Continual Training Made Easy

Make quick knowledge certifications or continued learning part of your overall culture with automated pathways that make training—and learning—easy.


Cost-Effective Certifications

With Bongo’s fractional cost (when compared with other platforms) you don’t have to pick and choose who gets the information. Economical pricing means that all your staff—and partners—can hop on and get certified knowledge.


The Validation Tool that Helps Knowledge Stick

Get a certification and readiness tool that you need – unbundled. 

Ensure your channel partner team is ready to make an impact.