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Revolutionize the way you measure learning impact

Tired of the limitations of multiple choice assessments and how they fail to measure real learning?

Transform your training program and unleash your learner’s potential with our video and blended feedback approach.

Video Practice & Feedback All in One Place


Obtain tangible proof your learner deserves to be certified.

Partner Enablement

Accurately assess, validate and certify skills and product proficiency across teams to identify any knowledge gaps.

Sales Coaching & Training

Provide training and real-time feedback to reinforce winning behavior as employees practice their skills and demonstrate knowledge.

Employee Onboarding

Engage employees with meaningful asynchronous, self-paced video assignments.

Raising the Bar on Assessment

Say goodbye to the mundane world of multiple-choice quizzes. We recognize that true learning requires more. Our video practice and feedback tool empower learners to showcase their skills in real-world scenarios, providing undeniable proof of their growth and mastery.

Streamlined Feedback Process

We simplify the feedback process for trainers. With our intuitive product, you can conveniently review and provide feedback on learner assessments at your own convenience. No more hassle of scheduling and managing face-to-face sessions.

AI-Driven Insights

With cutting-edge AI coaching, we bring a new level of cool to the game. Our technology analyzes learner videos, unlocking personalized insights that drive remarkable growth. Combine that with human feedback, and you’ve got a dynamic feedback loop that supercharges learning potential.

Scalability and Efficiency

Accommodate a larger number of participants without compromising the quality of feedback. We save time, effort, and resources, allowing you to focus on what matters most: driving impactful learning experiences.

Gain Insight into Learner Performance

With Bongo’s AI-generated feedback, trainers have deeper insight into learner performance. The AI analysis provides a better understanding of strengths, areas for improvement, and individual progress. This comprehensive view enables trainers to tailor their guidance and support, ultimately maximizing the impact of their programs.

2 Unclear Words

154 Words Per Min

9 Filler Words

54% Key term Usage

02:22 Miranda Bailey

Great Job! Would love to see you look up at the customer more when presenting.

09:08 Alex Karev

In the product section, go into more specific and value props about our customer-facing platform.

Better Feedback for Better Outcomes

Provide immediate and personalized feedback to your learners asynchronously, enhancing coaching effectiveness and impact.


Inspire Practice with Personalized 24/7 Feedback

AI Coach, powered by generative AI provides immediate feedback at the learner’s pace and creates a safe practice environment. Through the power of AI, spend less time on supervision and more time providing valuable subject-matter feedback.


Achieve Peak Program Performance with Video Practice & Assessment Tools


Achieve Peak Program Performance with Video Practice & Assessment Tools

We Work with Learning & Development Change- Leaders

Bongo plays a critical role in our suite of training tools that shows newly hired employees that we are serious about training. It communicates that we care about them and are investing in them with the best technology.

John Fallahee


What I love about video-based coaching and Bongo is that it ties into observational learning and  enables practice and self-reflection.

Britt Andreatta

CEO of Brain Aware Training

Bongo allows me to see that every person is participating so I can see where some are struggling and need additional help.

Head of Training


Bongo is mobile-friendly and available on all devices

Whether you are sitting at a computer, in the field, or trying to complete your training on the go, Bongo is accessible on all devices so both the work and learning doesn’t slow down.

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