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Grow Smarter

Make growth easier and more effective with Auto Analysis™. 

Streamline Your Assessment Process

Auto Analysis™ is an automated reporting feature that provides data-driven insight into the quality of someone’s video presentation. Driven by AI, Auto Analysis streamlines your assessment efforts and saves you time – allowing you to quickly identify knowledge gaps, key term and key phrase usage and more – all at scale. 

The Perfect Tool for Whatever You’re Facing

Pitch Practice

Enable self-serve skill development with real-time coaching feedback when you use Auto Analysis to review.

Sales Training

You want to make sure certain key terms are used in each person’s pitch or promotion? Identify use of those keywords and if (and when) they are used.


Refine the delivery of specific product or process information using identified keywords among your team members with Auto Analysis. 

Onboarding at Scale

Because Auto Analysis uses automated AI technology, you can scale quickly at any task—whether you have 1 team member or 200.

Like having an extra team member— but better

Bongo’s Auto Analysis™ technology is like having additional staff who can focus on assessment and training effectiveness—without the extra salaries. It doesn’t just reduce your time in review and response; it generates reliable metrics based on rate of speech, clarify, and key terms. 

Here's what Auto Analysis can do for you:

Auto Analysis Report with Bongo - Upgrade your LMS

Add Automation to your Tech Stack

Your list of technology and software may be getting longer, but that doesn’t mean your to-do list has to. With Bongo’s video-based platform and Auto Analysis, you can automate review and assessment of all your team members—without taking on additional work.

Automatic feedback no matter what language

Auto Analysis will automatically detect the language or dialect spoken in an individual’s video submission and provide their automated report based on that.

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