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Feedback: The Sidekick To Employee Success


Feedback: The Sidekick To Employee Success

Annual performance reviews are the corporate world’s equivalent to final exams. No one seems to like them and there are more effective means of assessment out there. That’s why more and more companies have started using alternate forms of evaluation in recent years. Whether organizations opt for a 360 Degree Feedback system, informal check-ins, or some other assessment process, there is one underlying theme among many of these new systems — more consistent feedback.

Frequent Feedback Is Key

Annual reviews often fail to improve an employee’s performance for two main reasons: they focus on past work and they don’t happen frequently enough. While good managers might identify and address poor performance throughout the year, some actions inevitably get lost in the day-to-day shuffle. All behaviors eventually become habits, so it’s important to correct the bad ones and reinforce the positive ones. That’s where frequent fee comes into play.

Unlike annual reviews that merely revisit past performance, newer assessment methods focus on setting future goals. Because these objectives are ongoing, the feedback employees receive about their performance is typically actionable and more specific. Giving frequent feedback also ensures that employees stay on track to meet their desired goals.

Feedback Should Be A Dialogue

Most organizations review an employee’s performance without including them as part of the process. The feedback employees receive shouldn’t be static. It’s most effective as a dialogue between managers and their employees where they discuss expectations, areas for improvement, and future goals. Most people put in better effort when they feel invested in a project’s outcome. Working with professionals to come up with individual and team goals is a great way to promote higher achievement.

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