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Webinar: Enabling continuous learning through experiential video exercises

Webinar: Enabling continuous learning through experiential video exercises

Rapid advances in technology continue to shape the roles workers fill, the skills they need to perform them, and which tasks become automated. The skills demand is shifting at a faster pace than ever before, which has led experts to recommend an economic and societal move toward agile lifelong learning and retraining efforts across the entire occupational spectrum.

This recommendation puts the onus on organizations to provide continuous learning opportunities for their employees. But to drive the sustained development of the workforce, employers can’t treat workplace learning like traditional training and focus solely on job-specific skills.

So which competencies are the most important for employees to have and what is the best way to promote this level of skill development? Join Bongo for a webinar on Tuesday, July 23 10 a.m. PST to learn:

  • What the current skills demand looks like
  • Why employers value recent graduates with broad learning and cross-cutting skills
  • How experiential video exercises help organizations drive scalable skill development

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