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Bongo is a video-based practice and assessment solution that provides customer-facing teams a means to validate skills through video workflows.

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Practice Your Pitch

Transform sales teams to succeed and impact your bottom line through sales pitch practice.

Question & Answer

Validate your teams are ready to face common objections or challenging conversations with customers using our hot seat question and answer workflow

02:22 Miranda Bailey

Great Job! Would love to see you look up at the customer more when presenting.

09:08 Alex Karev

In the product section, go into more specific and value props about our customer-facing platform.

The Video Practice and Coaching Tool Your Whole Company Will Love

Bongo’s video assessment technology goes beyond just sales enablement teams. Our workflows create opportunities for practice, demonstration, analysis, and collaboration. This self-paced engagement facilitates repeated skill practice within a real-world context no matter which department you work for.


“What I love about video-based coaching and Bongo is that it ties into observational learning and enables practice and self-reflection.”

Britt Andreatta

CEO of Brain Aware Training

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