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The video assessment tool for certification. Providing scenario-based evidence of what learners know.

"Bongo helped me really learn the knowledge and feel more confident leaving training."

Explore the training journey our customer saw through building a certification program for her GTM and revenue teams.

Obtain tangible proof your learner deserves to be certified

Bongo allows individuals to demonstrate their knowledge on video paired with AI and/or instructor driven constructive feedback for both quality assurance and ultimate skill mastery.

Save valuable time by streamlining your certification process

Bongo provides instructors with a streamlined and efficient certification process. The platform offers tools for standardized evaluation, objective feedback, and performance documentation, simplifying the instructor’s tasks and saving time.

Provide quality feedback all in one place

No longer worry about a disjointed feedback loop with your learners. With multiple feedback layers available including time-stamped comments, rubrics, and peer review, quality feedback for the learner is easily referenceable.

Maximize coaching impact for better learning outcomes

Bongo’s multiple feedback options enable instructors to deliver constructive & targeted coaching to learners, personalizing the learning experience and improving learner retention.

Enhance the value of your program with your subject matter expertise

Bongo empowers instructors as subject matter experts (SMEs) by providing a platform to share their knowledge and insights directly with learners. Instructors can contribute their expertise, enhance the credibility of the certification training, and provide learners with valuable guidance, fostering their growth and success in their respective fields. 


"We are certifying people faster and more efficiently"

A year ago, they were taking up to 3 days to get certified. Recently I was told an entire class was certified on the first day. They aren’t making as many errors and I know Bongo is a major reason for that.

Head of Training, Nielsen

A Robust Certification Solution for Remote Teams

Connect with your team from anywhere, sync up, and provide feedback in real time.