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Why Video Is The Key To Developing Learners’ Communication Skills In Online Education

As the foundational skill for all other soft skills, communication plays a significant role in the success of nearly every professional. Regardless of industry or job title, people rely on some kind of communication to drive their daily interactions. That’s why higher ed institutions and corporate training programs place such a big emphasis on developing learners’ communication skills. With more and more educational content going online, video has become a key resource for instructors to develop this critical skill in digital learning environments for three major reasons.

Video Promotes Self-Assessment

The majority of learners don’t get the chance to view how they come across in terms of body language, tone of voice, or their overall message. But when individuals record themselves on video and see it firsthand, they become a source of internal feedback. Most people are their own harshest critics, so when they get an opportunity to review their performance before a submission, they can improve on key areas of communication.

Video Enables Collaboration

When learners collaborate on a project, they take on different roles and interact with each other accordingly. Online learning environments make group work difficult, if not impossible, but some video platforms facilitate these activities. Through virtual classrooms or another form of synchronous video exchange, learners can meet in real-time and engage with each other face-to-face. These exchanges enable learners to practice different forms of communication, such as providing feedback, listening actively, and reading body language.

Video Serves As A Form Of Expression

Many instructors leverage video to record their lectures or have students watch a relevant clip, but it’s also a powerful tool for student expression. Not only can video be used as a way to authentically assess comprehension, it also lets learners articulate what they know in their own way. Students often gain confidence in their understanding and in themselves when they use video as a platform.

YouSeeU is purpose-built to develop and assess learners’ soft skills. Our platform has structured video workflows where individuals can practice their communication skills and instructors can deliver personalized feedback on them. To learn more about how YouSeeU facilitates soft skill development, visit our website.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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