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So, Why Bongo?

As many of you have heard, YouSeeU unveiled Bongo, the company’s new video assessment platform, at SXSW EDU last week. Our team received a tremendous response at the event, and we’re excited to share Bongo with all of you. But before we introduce the platform’s impressive capabilities, we first wanted to explain why. Not just why YouSeeU made Bongo, but also why this platform unlocks such incredible learning potential for students and professionals.

To really understand what prompted YouSeeU to create Bongo, it’s important to consider where we came from. Our legacy platform was purpose-built to assess and improve learners’ soft skills, but to accomplish that goal at scale, the software had to better accommodate all users and devices. In order to impact as many learners as possible, YouSeeU’s platform needed to become more sustainable.

So, what does that mean? Foundationally, we focused on three areas:

  • Taking a mobile-first approach to learning and assessment
  • Making the platform more accessible for all learners
  • Simplifying the workflows to make them more intuitive for instructors and learners

Our team achieved all of these goals, but instead of updating the existing platform, we decided to develop something new. Bongo features a sleek, yet accessible user interface, couples a Virtual Classroom component with three comprehensive Video Assignment workflows, and allows learners to use virtually any device to complete assignments and join live meetings.

With its combination of proprietary video and feedback technology, Bongo enables instructors to assess learners’ soft skills and knowledge at scale.

For more insight into what Bongo looks like and how it functions, watch our overview video.

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