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Whitepaper – Feedback

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To master a new skill or concept, instruction and assessment are only two parts of the equation. Receiving quality feedback – and acting on it – is equally important. Feedback enables us to improve skills, dig deeper into concepts, and learn more confidently. Coaching and feedback are not to be confused with evaluation. The purpose of feedback is not to communicate how “good” or “bad” a person has done on a task or project, but to close the gap between what is understood and what is aimed to be understood.

With the explosion of online education, flexible work environments, and changing job market demands, the nature of providing and receiving constructive feedback is rapidly changing. An increasing number of companies are ditching annual reviews for more frequent check-ins and continuous feedback. And students enrolled in online courses are feeling stung by a lack of interaction and feedback from their instructors and peers, which reflects not only in their satisfaction levels, but also their grades. The overall sense is that learners – whether in the workplace or the classroom – are craving more actionable, immediate feedback.

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