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3 Ways Video Enhances The Assessment Process

Traditional assessments serve an important purpose, but it’s difficult to evaluate every competency on paper. Video assessment platforms enhance the evaluation process because they enable learners to show what they know in a more direct way. The ability to communicate effectively, demonstrate skills, and perform tasks plays a big role in career success, and video assessment platforms make it easier to evaluate these key competencies.

Soft Skill Development

Organizations worldwide have made soft skills like communication and critical thinking a top priority, but resource constraints make it nearly impossible for instructors to assess these skills at scale using face-to-face methods. Video platforms ease that burden by giving individuals an opportunity to speak, collaborate, and solve problems in an interactive way — but on their own time. The best video solutions also weave elements of self-assessment, peer review, and personalized feedback into different workflows to maximize every learner’s potential for improvement.

Skill Demonstration & Knowledge Application

Paper-based assessments often consist of thought-provoking questions, but multiple-choice tests and essays don’t always show how an individual arrived at their answer. The opposite is true of video assessment platforms. When learners record themselves demonstrating key skills or applying their knowledge to solve a problem, instructors get an opportunity to see exactly how an individual approaches different situations and works their way through them.

Evidence Of Job Readiness

Most organizations require trainees to demonstrate required skills before giving them on-the-job responsibilities, so why shouldn’t educational institutions follow a similar path to assessment? Instead of hoping test results translate to real-life outcomes, instructors can leverage a video assessment platform to put learners through scenarios they will face in the workplace. Not only does this help educators capture evidence of career readiness, but it also removes any doubt surrounding an individual’s comprehension level.

Bongo enables higher ed instructors, corporate trainers, and test publishers to assess learners’ soft skills and competency through structured video workflows. By leveraging our combination of proprietary video and feedback technology, instructors can evaluate individuals at scale across all disciplines and industries. To learn more about our video assessment platform, visit Bongo’s technology page.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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